Our Services

Traditional recruitment and fixed-fee options

Our Services

Traditional recruitment and fixed-fee options

Flexible Recruitment Options to Fit Your Club

The golf industry, as with the wider leisure and hospitality industries, faces great challenges in attracting and retaining good employees. At Promote People, we combine extensive golf management and recruitment experience to help your club, centre or resort tackle these challenges head-on.

Our two services, 'SELECT' and 'ENGAGE', are solutions built to accommodate craft level up to executive director level recruitment in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner.


Our 'SELECT' service is ideal for head of departments and senior management roles, offering highly effective and efficient executive recruitment.

  • Collectively, we have over 60 years senior management experience in the golf sector.
  • You receive a handpicked pool of custom-matched executive talent for interview
  • We support the new executive during their integration into the business

We've worked in the golf industry ourselves, so we understand the unique roles we're recruiting for, and the diverse skills set needed in the successful candidate.


Our 'ENGAGE' service is perfect if you're looking to recruit for craft or supervisory level positions.

  • Choose our fixed-price job advertising package
  • Complete a short form to let us know the job details
  • Let us use our marketing prowess on all the popular jobs sites to attract the best applicants for your position.

We can also filter job applications so you only see the most appropriate.

Plus, your new employee will have free access to Promote Golf's wide range of industry-specific online courses - keeping them motivated and engaged in their new role.

Our Clients

There's a growing gap between the number of vacancies and the number of job seekers. Since October 2019 there are..

+60% more job vacancies

-27% fewer job searches on Google




  1. support or actively encourage; further the progress of
  2. raise to a higher position or rank