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Promote People is a multi-industry recruitment specialist that supports businesses in hiring, training and retaining staff.

Today, a record number of job vacancies exist, and employee-retention is at an all-time low. Businesses need solutions to stabilise and build a platform for growth into 2022 and beyond.

Promote People’s innovative, fixed-price recruitment services offers sanctuary from the turbulent jobs market, leaving you free to drive your business forward.

Why use Promote People?

Our economies of scale with the leading recruitment sites saves you money

We undertake the recruitment advertising process, saving you time to drive your business

We have managed golf businesses ourselves so we know how to find the best candidates

Recruitment is a marketing process, and we’re experts in marketing

Free Training, as your new employee will benefit from our motivating wide range of job-specific online courses

Recruit - Train - Retain

Promote People’s fixed-price ‘Engage’ service offers your business a one-stop-shop staff recruitment advertising solution.

Here’s how it works:


Choose one of our ‘Recruit-Train-Retain’ packages from as little as £429.


Complete the short form to let us know of your staff vacancies and the profile of candidates you’re looking to attract.


We’ll create your recruitment advert, place on the most popular jobs sites and furnish you with the best applicants.

90 Second Explanation Video

Some of the tools we use to attract the best talent


How It Works

1. The Brief

Send us your job description or tell us your key requirements for the role

2. Advertising

We write your advert copy, ensuring it's optimised for SEO, and post to the leading job recruitment websites

3. Shortlisting

We review all the candidates manually, ensuring you only see the best people for the role 




  1. support or actively encourage; further the progress of
  2. raise to a higher position or rank

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