Golf Recruitment Expertise

We partner with our clients to help solve their golf recruitment challenges across all job roles within the business.

Golf Recruitment Expertise

We partner with our clients to help solve their golf recruitment challenges across all job roles within the business.

About Us

At Promote People, we understand the challenges of golf recruitment. Since our inception a little over 18 months ago, over 100 clubs have turned to us to recruit skilled candidates across all departments within a golf club. Headed by Richard Pilbury, himself a former General Manager in golf with over 30 years experience, we understand the industry, the people, the challenges that you face.

Utilising targeted networking, digital advertising and proactive sourcing, we identify individuals that match your unique requirements. From screening CV's to coordinating interviews, we manage the entire golf recruitment process end-to-end, saving you time and resources. Our industry connections and recruitment best practices enable us to connect you with the right people to meet your needs.

Why Choose Promote People?

Specialised Expertise

We are not just another golf recruitment agency; we're golf enthusiasts with deep knowledge of the industry. Our team has an extensive background in golf, ensuring that we understand the unique needs of both candidates and employers in the golfing world.

Extensive Network

Over the years, we have built a robust network of industry professionals within club management, professional golf, course maintenance and food & beverage operations. This network allows us to connect you with the perfect candidate to take your team to the next level.

Tailored Solutions

We know that the golf industry encompasses various roles, from golf operations staff and teaching professionals to greenkeepers and food & beverage employees. Our golf recruitment process is tailored to your specific needs, ensuring the right fit for every position.

Personalised Approach

Our commitment to personalisation sets us apart. We get to know you, your business, and your requirements. This ensures that your golf club is in the right hands and finds the perfect match to thrive.

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  2. raise to a higher position or rank

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