Seven Top Recruitment Tips


Be prepared to recruit, particularly when you’re not hiring:

You may not be hiring today but you are likely to be soon, retain historic and unsolicited CVs, always acknowledge people’s proactive interest in your Company and ensure that historic interviewees are rejected respectfully, and doors are left open for future approaches.

Write a job advert that accurately reflects your hiring needs:

The Job advert is likely to be the first interactions a job applicant has with your organization, ensure this reflects your Company and the role you are hiring for accurately.

Be clear about the specific responsibilities and requirements, advertise the salary and contracted hours. Explain what you need from them and what you can provide them in return.

A well-written advert will filter out candidates who aren’t the right fit, so it should leave you with a more focused group of resumes to evaluate.

Leverage social media for recruiting:

Tap into your local candidates, social recruiting is a great strategy to ensure you’re reaching the right audience and attracting talent to your Company. Ensure that you post on your Companies and personal social feeds, encourage employees to share with their networks, register and post on local community forums. Location and proximity to work remains a key influencer in hiring outcomes.

Utilize employee referrals and implement a referral bonus program:

One of the best ways to hire quality candidates is through referrals from current employees or people in your network. Referrals are a good way to screen potential candidates before interviewing them, if your trusted employee recommends a previous colleague or a friend whose work experience, they know well, it gives you a level of security knowing this new applicant can do good work. When hiring a stranger, there is less certainty about a candidate’s work ethic and potential fit on the team.

Interviewing the candidate:

One way to improve the interview process is to double up on interviewers, multiple interviewers in the room at once can have several benefits:

  • It shortens the interview process.
  • It lightens the load of hiring managers.
  • It hands employers a better opportunity to give candidates honest feedback.
  • Less unanswered questions both for the candidate and employer.

Move as quickly and efficiently as possible:

The best candidates are off the market in 10 days, act quickly, especially when you know you’re interested in a specific applicant. Even if you haven’t decided yet, follow up with the candidate, discussing further details of the position to ensure you’re on their radar. Respond to any questions or concerns right away to keep them updated throughout the process.

Look after your shortlist and rejections:

Deliver rejections constructively and sensitively, they can be tricky for the candidate to receive, after all these people may be the first group of people you may wish to reapproach in the future.