SELECT Recruitment

Finding the best executive and managerial talent

SELECT Recruitment

Finding the best executive and managerial talent

Specialist Management Recruitment

Finding and hiring top talent is one of the most important investments your golf business can make. But the process takes time, resources, and expertise. That's where we come in. As a leading golf recruitment company, we have the proven experience and methodology to find your club its perfect fit.

We're experts at talent acquisition. We utilise targeted sourcing strategies to identify and engage with qualified candidates — even ones not actively job searching. By taking a consultative approach and getting to know your organisation's unique culture and needs, we can pinpoint the right talent to complement your existing team and support your strategic goals.

Our rigorous screening process then ensures each potential hire is thoroughly vetted and evaluated. And we don't stop once you've hired someone either. Our onboarding support helps new hires integrate smoothly and succeed in their roles.

Don't leave your hiring to chance - let our SELECT recruitment process lead the way.

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Steve Slinger
General Manager, Effingham Golf Club

“With the tricky recruitment market, we were delighted with the support we received from partnering up with Promote People to help fill a prominent roles. Their experience in both the recruiting world and today’s online platforms allowed for a broader reach to take place, which coupled with professional first phase screening interviews all included, ultimately lead to fantastic new employees joining our team.”

SELECT Recruitment

Finding the best talent to manage businesses within the golf industry can be time-consuming and expensive, but it doesn't have to be that way.

Introducing 'SELECT' by Promote People.

We work with golf club owners, committee members and directors to place senior managerial roles including General Managers, Heads of Department and Club Secretaries. We do it with extensive knowledge of both recruitment, but perhaps more importantly, our combined 60 years experience in the golf industry.

The SELECT Recruitment Process


We conduct extensive research to build a picture of the role and a profile of candidate you require


We develop a handpicked pool of custom-matched talent for your consideration


We arrange and you conduct interviews of our handpicked selection of candidates


You make your final selection and we manage the appointment and rejection process


Appointment confirmed in an accelerated timeline with the safeguard of 6 months re-recruit support

Why Choose Us

We have over 60 years of senior and managerial experience in both the proprietary and private-member arena.

We have hands-on experience of working in every department and capacity in a typical golf and country club environment, as such we have a deep practical understanding of what works.

We work closely with you to really define the specialist capabilities and soft skills necessary to undertake the role.

We understand the real cost of unnecessary staff turnover and as such remain on-hand for 12 months to support the club and candidate with their integration into the business.

We explore both the passive and active market - sourcing appropriate candidates via recruitment advertising, but also those not actively looking for work.

We are vested in you making the right hiring decisions and will only advance candidates who possess integrity, competence and are compatible with the club culture.




  1. support or actively encourage; further the progress of
  2. raise to a higher position or rank

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