All about Promote People and it's Directors

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All about Promote People and it's Directors

Promote People

Promote People was established in response to the increasingly difficult jobs market within the UK. With Directors, who have all held senior management positions within industry, only too aware of the importance of finding great staff and the challenges it can present – both in terms of cost and time.

Introducing the Directors


Richard Pilbury

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Richard Pilbury PGA

An extensive career in the golf industry has afforded Richard the opportunity to work in both proprietary and private sectors, accruing comprehensive experience as a General Manager having managed both mature operations and new builds.

A proud member of the PGA for over 30 years, his experiences give him a deep understanding of Golf Clubs and the people that make them tick.


David Reeves

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David Reeves

David has worked in the golf and leisure industry for over 30 years, managing both individual clubs and multi-site. As a former Executive with The Club Company, he's also well-versed in health club operations, having overseen several developments for the company.

He founded Promote Enterprise in 2007 and works with the company on all aspects of their business, including the recruitment arm.


Matthew Orwin

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Matthew Orwin CIM MBA

Matthew attained his first golf club General Manager role at the tender age of 22, some 30 years ago. Since this time, he's gone on to management multiple golf facilities both on an individual club and multi-site basis.

He currently works with Promote Enterprise on all aspects of their recruitment, marketing, consultancy and training services.

Promote Enterprise Expertise

Promote People is part of The Promote Enterprise Group, consisting of a number of companies specialising in marketing, consultancy and training services for the golf and leisure industries. Indeed, as the leading marketing agency and online education provider to the UK golf industry, they’re well equipped to offer expert recruitment advertising services alongside staff training.




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