Using Jobs Boards for Recruitment


Online job boards are a staple source for recruiting in today’s digital era. When used effectively, they expand your reach to engage qualified candidates. Follow these best practices to get the most out of posting to job boards.

Choose Relevant Boards

With hundreds of job sites, identify the best ones for golf club and location. Major boards like Indeed, Reed and LinkedIn attract a wide range but niche sites for the golf industry can also be worth exploring. Make sure your roles are visible where your target talent searches.

Compelling Job Descriptions

Take time to craft well-written postings optimised with relevant keywords. Outline responsibilities, requirements and qualifications to convey the role accurately. Highlight your employer brand and what makes the opportunity enticing for applicants.

Monitor Postings

Regularly check your listings across multiple sites for errors or outdated details. Keep positions marked “urgent” when critical to fill quickly. Pause postings once the right applicant pool is achieved.

Screen Thoughtfully

Don’t underestimate the applicant influx from job boards. Have a plan to efficiently screen resumes and filter for qualified, relevant candidates to pursue. Identify candidates worth interviewing sooner than later.

Proactive Communication

Don’t leave applicants hanging. Confirm receipt of applications and provide status updates if moving forward or declining. Keep communication timely and helpful.

Enhance with Other Sources

Complement your job board strategy with sourcing from LinkedIn, social media, employee referrals or specialised recruiters. Layering approaches expands and diversifies your candidate pool.

Track Metrics

Assess which job boards yield the highest applicant quality and interview-to-hire ratios. Optimise investment in the sites that perform best. Refine ineffective listings that don’t produce results.

Job boards are just part of an omnichannel recruitment marketing strategy. Implement these tips to maximise your reach and hiring outcomes when leveraging online job site postings.